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Welcome to Penny Radio – the podcast that will help you master your money.

Does sorting out your money seem daunting to you? Do you ignore letters from your bank because they all sound like gobbledegook? Have you been meaning to sort out your finances for a while but keep putting it off? Maybe you think you’re bad at Maths so there’s no point even trying? Well do not fear, Penny Radio is here!

Now I know that learning about finance and managing your money isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But it is a really important life skill that a lot of us don’t really have. Knowing how to manage our money can make a massive difference to having financial peace of mind as well as helping us to achieve a lot of our goals in life – whether this is exploring the world, buying a house or retiring early.

Up until recently, learning how to deal with money wasn’t something we were ever taught at school. We just had to go out into the big bag world and kind of figure it out for ourselves. They are finally teaching the basics in school nowadays, which is great! However I think there is still a big gap between what we were taught (if anything) and the real world. Penny Radio is here to fill that gap!



If you are not an expert or a Maths whizz, then this is the podcast for you! Whether you are at school or university, looking for work or in work, planning to have a family or to jet off around the world, wanting to retire early or work forever, this podcast can help you seize control of your financial future.

Tune in today and start your journey to mastering your money – I’ll be with you every step of the way.  Together we will learn what things are and how they work, so tackling pensions, taxes, investments and everything in between won’t seem so daunting anymore. We will build a flexible financial framework that will help you manage your money, plan for your future and deal with whatever comes your way.

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