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Welcome to the Penny Radio Resources page.  Here you’ll find useful documents, tools and other resources that will help you to master your money.  I’ll be continuously adding to and updating these resources as we cover different topics on the Podcast.  I will let you know on the podcast when I add new resources so you know when to come and have a look.


If you have any questions about these resources, feel free to get in touch on the Contact page or via email at  Also if you have any requests for resources that you would find helpful, please let me know.


Regular Savings Calculator

Use this regular savings calculator to find out what your savings account will be worth if you regularly put money in it

Salary Take-Home Calculator

Check out this salary calculator to find out what your take home salary will be after Income Tax and National Insurance.  See how much Income Tax and National Insurance you will pay in total

Tax Code Calculator

Use this tax code calculator to find out what your tax code should be.  Compare it to your actual tax code on your pay slip or in a letter from HMRC.  Find out how to get it changed if it is not correct

High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge Calculator

Check out this High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge calculator to find out if you have to pay this charge.  You will need to file a self-assessment tax return if you do.  Do some research on how to reduce or completely avoid this charge if it impacts you

Pension Calculator

Have you ever asked yourself when can I retire? Or how much do I need to retire? Check out this useful retirement calculator to help you figure this out and whether you are saving enough towards your golden years.

State Benefits Calculators

What State Benefits are you entitled to? Are you getting everything you should be? Navigate the complex minefield of the UK Welfare System and what it means for you, with a little help from these free-to-use organisations.

Jargon Buster

This Jargon Buster will probably be the most useful of the Penny Radio resources for this first season, so download it now!  As we look to lay the foundations of our financial framework, developing a good understanding of key concepts of personal finance is fundamental.  The Jargon Buster will introduce you to the key concepts that we will be covering in this first season.  It will explain them in plain English, in a way that is easy to understand, cutting through the BS jargon that the financial industry loves to use.


We’ll be going through most of these concepts in a lot more detail as we go through the season.  So don’t worry if you are still struggling to get your head round something, it will all become a lot clearer!  I’ve put a blank box next to each explanation, for you to put down your own way of understanding something.  Or draw a picture if that helps!  Whatever works for you.  You’ll also find some extra spaces at the bottom, to write down any other phrases you come across and don’t quite understand.


I recommend having a copy of this to hand as we go through the first season, so you can refer to it when we talk through something new.

S01E02 - What is Money? Show Notes

Find the S01E02 – What is Money? show notes here

S01E03 - Bank Accounts Show Notes

Download the S01E03 – Bank Accounts show notes here

S01E04 - Things Just Got Interesting! Show Notes

Find the S01E04 – Things Just Got Interesting! show notes here

S01E05 - Real Interest For Real People Show Notes

Download the S01E05 – Real Interest For Real People show notes here

S01E06 - Inflation - What's That Got To Do With The Price Of Eggs? Show Notes

Find the S01E06 – Inflation – What’s That Got To Do With The Price Of Eggs? show notes here

S01E07 - Inflation - Compound Interest's Evil Twin Show Notes

Download the S01E07 – Inflation – Compound Interest’s Evil Twin show notes here

S01E08 - How Taxing is Tax? Show Notes

Find the S01E08 – How Taxing is Tax? show notes here

S01E09 - Wrappers and Platforms Show Notes

Download the S01E09 – Wrappers and Platforms show notes here

S01E10 - What's Your Debtitude Show Notes

Download the S01E10 – What’s Your Debtitude? show notes here. And use the Debt Priority Template to help you get your debts in order too.

Debt Priority Template

Use this Debt Priority Template to help you figure out which debts you should repay first. It will help you repay your debts quicker and could save you from paying too much interest.

S01E11 - Behave Yourself Show Notes

Find the S01E11 – Behave Yourself show notes here.  And use the Financial Decision Journal to record and review the financial decisions you make.

Financial Decision Journal

Use this Financial Decision Journal Template to record what financial decisions you make, how you make and implement them and what the reasons you made those decisions are. Remember to go back and review the outcome of those decisions and figure out if they were good or bad decisions with the benefit of hindsight. How would you change things if you were faced with a similar situation again? This journal will help you understand how your own biases and behaviours affect your own personal financial decisions and ultimately financial health.

S02E02 - Lost in Marks & Spencer's

Find the S02E02 – Lost in Marks & Spencer’s show notes here.  Yes, there’s a link to THAT goal!

S02E03 - Comings & Goings

Find the S02E03 – Comings & Goings show notes here.  Start tracking your spending now!

S02E04 - Your Future - Private Pensions

Find the S02E04 – Private Pensions show notes here.  How much do you need to retire?

S02E06 - Your Safety Net

Use the Show Notes to record what insurance and State Benefits you already have and identify your insurance gaps and what other State Benefits you are entitled to.

S02E07 - Where There's A Will There's A Way

Check out the Show Notes for more information on how to write a Will, how to make a Lasting Power of Attorney and what Trusts are. Have you been made an Attorney or a Trustee and don’t know what this means? Check out what you need to do if this is the case.