S01E08 – How Taxing is Tax?

S01E08 – How Taxing is Tax?

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Do you find tax tricky to get your head round?  Do you look at your payslip and wonder where a big chunk of it has gone?  And why?!  Or do you just accept that you have to pay taxes but you don’t really know how it’s all worked out?  HMRC says that tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but just how trues is that?  How taxing is tax?

Tune in to today’s episode to find out!  We’ll look at what tax is.  And what the different types of tax that you might have to pay.  We also take a look at how tax is worked out and what it can mean for us.

Remember to check out the show notes and the links to the calculators on the Resources page.  You’ll be able to find the examples that we talk about in the show.  Use these to see how much tax you will have to pay.  And find out just how taxing tax is!