S01E10 – What’s Your Debtitude?

S01E10 – What’s Your Debtitude?

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So what’s your Debtitude then? Tune in to Penny Radio today to discover what debt is and what types of debt there are out there. Now I’m sure you know this already and you may have debt of your own. Debt can be a big drain on our finances and a big risk to our financial health. So we’ll also be looking at the difference between bad debt and useful debt. And what to do if you are struggling to repay your debt.
But most importantly we will be taking a look at how you feel about debt and why. I like to call this your Debtitude. If you know what your Debtitude is and why you feel this way about debt, then it can be easier to control how you use debt.
Have you noticed how no one talks about debt? Unless of course it is to judge people for getting into debt? Why is this, when debt can really affect our mental health as well as our financial health? Well now is the time to challenge this and to smash the stigma around debt! Start talking about debt to your friends and family today!